Reusable Fittings – Water Hose

Flexzilla® Pro Reusable Fittings and Splicers allow you to quickly repair Flexzilla® hose on the job site or to create a custom length hose in just three easy steps. Each Flexzilla® Pro fitting includes an anodized aircraft aluminum fitting and a spiral bend restrictor to increase hose flexibility.


  • Reusable 3/4 in. MNPT anodized aircraft aluminum fitting for Flexzilla® and Flexzilla® Pro 5/8 in. water hose
  • Spiral bend restrictor – increases hose flexibility

Product Choices

Available in a variety of dimensions and fittings to meet all your needs.


Part No.


Barb Size


3/4 in. Female GHT

5/8 in.


3/4 in. Male GHT

5/8 in.


CUT – Measure and cut desired length of hose at 90° angle. INSTALL – Slide spiral fitting and nut onto hose. Push hose onto fitting until hose reaches threads. TIGHTEN – Tighten fitting nut until snug. Slide bend restrictor up and snap onto nut.

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