Air Compressors

flexzilla-stationary-air-compressorsStationary Air Compressors & Dryers

Flexzilla® and Flexzilla® Pro Stationary Air Compressors with Quiet Technology™ and patented Silencer™ noise suppression operate at noise levels no louder than a normal conversation.

flexzilla-portable-air-compressorsPortable Air Compressors

Flexzilla® Portable Air Compressors feature Quiet Technology™, making them so quiet it’s easy to hear what everyone is talking about.

Air Hoses

Air Hose and Kits

Flexzilla® Air Hose features a Flexible Hybrid Polymer
material that redefines flexibility for ease of use.

Pro Air Hose

Revolutionary Flexzilla® Pro Air Hose is easily field repairable
and offers extreme all-weather flexibility.

Pro Custom Hose Center

The Flexzilla® Pro Custom Hose Center is the ideal way to offer customers custom length air and water hoses. Our Bulk Hose Program adds to the flexibility.

Polyurethane Recoil Hose

Flexzilla® Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose exhibits extreme, all-weather flexibility and outperforms nylon hose.

Reusable Fittings and Splicers

flexzilla-air-hosePro Reusable Fittings and Splicers

Quickly repair Flexzilla® Air and Water Hoses or create a custom length air hose in 3 easy steps.

Whip Air Hoses

flexzilla-air-hoseWhip Hoses

A shorter Flexzilla® Whip Hose adds longevity to the main hose and eliminates the weight of the coupler/plug to lessen user fatigue.

Couplers & Plugs

FZ-High-Flow-Coupler-and-PlugsPro High Flow Couplers & Plugs

Flexzilla® Pro High Flow couplers and plugs double the amount of air flow to your tool. Don’t starve your air tool!

Pro Heavy Duty Couplers & Plugs

Flexzilla® Pro Heavy Duty Safety Couplers and Plugs are the best choice for maximum performance from your air tools.

Hose Reels

Air Hose Reels

Flexzilla® Air Hose Reels coil the hose smoothly and have a stopper and a latch switch for easier use.

Air Tools

Pro Air Tools & Kits

Proving once again you don’t have to be big to be powerful! Flexzilla® Pro Air Tools pack high RPM and maximum torque into the lightest, most compact air tools on the market.

Air Accessories

AG1502FZ_nonretailBlow Guns and Accessories

Unique to the Flexzilla™ Blow Guns and accessories is the modular accessories system, allowing you to customize the gun extension length and tips for every application.

Tire Chuck and Inflators

Tire Chuck and Inflators

Truck tire inflator kits use truck’s on-board air supply to inflate tires in remote situations.

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